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Installation of Vinyl Windows
Jul 9, 2007, 11:05

You should carefully inspect your vinyl windows before you begin installation process. In case you find any visible damage or other irregularity do not install the product. Regardless of the framing material, proper installation is absolutely critical to the maximum performance of a vinyl window. Improperly installed windows will not be as energy efficient as they should be, thus not providing the quality performance life for which they're designed.

Some of the possible installation mistakes on vinyl windows include creating openings that are too large, improper flashing, improper choice of anchorage or too much space between fasteners. These mistakes can be found in the installation of all types of windows. Framing and sash joints are permanently welded for strength and dimensional stability needed during installation and to assure years of trouble-free service.

Start your installation process by protecting the surrounding area of the window inside and out. Make sure the rough opening is plumb, square and the sill plate is level. Rough openings should be inches larger than window frame in width and height. Always close and lock the sash during installation process. Be attentive not to "crown up" or "bow down" the sill or head.

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