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Outdoor Tips - Car
Oct 2, 2007, 02:01

Besides having a quart or 2 of oil in your trunk, it is also a good idea to have a spare fan belt as well. One especially for the water pump and the other for your alternator. Without those belts you are dead in the water. (Randy C.)

For those of us that don't keep our car in a garage in the winter, rub a small halved onion over your windshield. This keeps ice from forming on it, and saves a lot of time from scraping. (Pam)

Keep a disposable camera in your glove box along with a small notepad and pen. This will be valuable in case you have a car accident. (Mike)

Always keep a couple of quarts of oil in your car. When the engine light comes on you will have to add oil IMMEDIATELY or your engine will freeze up. (Mike)

Use dryer sheets in the air filter of your car for a fresh smelling car. (Xenia)

To prevent corrosion on your battery posts, apply vaseline to them.

Use kitty litter to soak up oil and other car fluids from your garage or driveway.

Windshield wipers will work more effectively if you clean them. Use a solution of vinegar and water and a soft cloth to clean them.

Attach a ribbon or flower to the antenna to make your car easier to find.

To remove oil stains from your driveway or garage area, pour soda on the oil stains and hose off with water.

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