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Outdoor Tips - Birds
Oct 10, 2007, 02:04

To keep birds off our deck, we twined our son's VERY realistic looking rubber snakes through the railing. We never saw another bird there (although we frequently had startled guests!) (Kay F.)

Another way to keep birds away is get an artificial Owl (full-size) and place it in full view. (Carlos C. W.)

Keep birds away from fruit trees by placing tinsel on the branches, or covering with a fine weaved netting.

Keep birds away from the garden by placing a child's toy pinwheel nearby or stick some stakes with long hanging strips of foil in the garden.

Cover vegetables in garden or fruit trees with netting or pantyhose pieces to prevent birds from eating them.

To stop birdseeds from sprouting under the feeder... just heat them in the microwave oven on high, for 1 minute per cup of seeds. (Rhonda W)

Ants can't climb up and into a hummingbird feeder if you cover the pole or cord with Vaseline or baby oil (reapplied every two weeks or so depending on rain.)

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