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Jewelry and Gem - Care and Tips
By Wendy Shepherd
Nov 22, 2009, 23:13

1) Clean jewelry with warm water and a soft cloth or a soft brush. Don't use anything abrasive. Using abrasive substances will scratch jewelry & gems. If your jewelry is hard to clean, find a jeweler that has the necessary equipment.

2) If your jewelry is worn, or scratched, find a jeweler that has the necessary equipment to restore or refinish your jewelry.

3) When storing jewelry, make sure that they are not touching one another. This will help prevent diamonds from scratching other gems, and keep necklaces from becoming entangled.

4) Remove your jewelry before cleaning your home. Harsh chemicals can
come into contact and ruin gems, and jewelry. Avoid high temperatures
as this may cause some gems to discolor or even crack.

5) Inspect your jewelry often for broken clasps, or loose gems. If you find any problems, don't wear the jewelry until you have it fixed by a jeweler.

6) When not wearing jewelry, keep it hidden in a safe, or in a secret location. Jewelry boxes are nice for costume jewelry, etc. that aren't so valuable. But, they draw attention to anyone who enters your home who could steal your valuable jewelry. You can store your jewelry box within a safe or closet, etc.

7) Carry a little jewelry pouch with you, in your purse or pocket, to use in case you need to remove your jewelry for any reason. Make sure that if you place more than one piece of jewelry in the pouch, that they are individually wrapped to keep them from scratching one another or becoming entangled.

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