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Tips for Chores
Apr 28, 2007, 21:54

When my children were small they used to leave all their books - crayons - toys around the house and were reluctant to put them away in their correct place. So I got a very big cardboard box and everything left around after they had gone to bed went into this. They got so fed up with having to search through all the things in this box that in the end they found it was better to put their toys away. I left the box in a corner of the living room and as everything was in one place the house was tidy. I told them anything that was left in the box after a month would be thrown away. It worked. (Marian Smith)


If you want chores done make cards with pictures of the chore and then what it is at the bottom. Put it in a place where kids can see it. Now when they are doing the chore hide a piece of candy within the area like lets say you wanted me to take out the dirty clothes you put a WRAPPED candy under the mess and when I am done I can eat it. NOW BELIEVE ME IT WORKS. YOU CAN TRUST ME CAUSE I AM A KID AND I KNOW WHAT I LIKE! (Coolzoog43)


To help my children do all their chores, I made up a chore chart out of poster board to hang on the wall. Then I put their names across the top and under each name, I evenly spaced thumb tacks according to how many chores that child is responsible for (e.g.- my oldest is responsible for 3 chores a day, so I put three tacks under her name.) Then I made round chore cards and drew cute pictures of the chores and wrote the name of the chore underneath the picture (e.g.- if the chore was emptying the trash cans, then I drew a picture of a trash can with a cute , funny face and wrote "empty trash" underneath it.). Then on the back, you can draw a smiley face or put a smiley face sticker on the back, so that when the chore is done, the card can be turned over. Then I covered these cards with clear contact paper and punched 1 hole in the top of each card. Now they can be hung on the tacks after everyone has picked their chores for the week! (Jeanetta)

To start off with, all in the household can abide by the rule, "you take it out; you put it back". That will help with clutter and help keep things orderly. Maybe make a weekly/monthly chart w/ ea. child's name and one (or more) chores for ea. When the chore is completed for the day, put a star, smiley face or sticker by it. I feel they all can set the table, minus sharp items (youngest being in charge of napkins, place mats), all should put their dirty clothes in the hamper, all of you together can fold clothes while watching a family show or talking about the day (youngest can match socks). Maybe have the oldest switch chores weekly, like taking out garbage and dusting. Keep a list on the fridge for the oldest to write grocery items down when they are running low. Oldest ones should be able to keep their rooms tidy and help youngest do the same. Be sure not to criticize their efforts and give lots of hugs and thank you's. Ask your pediatrician for ideas, too. Please remember I am not an expert . . .but I am a parent. (Kat)


If you want to get all the chores done I think you should do what my family does. We write down all the chores that have to be done that day, then we choose what colors we want to be (I am green) and then when we look at the list we highlight the chore that is yours and do it. (CoolZoog)


I made a chore chart to place on the refrigerator. The idea was for my girls to initial a chore that they did properly each day. I also designed two award certificates. One monthly, the other yearly. Each lists how many chores each child has done. The yearly award chart is for the child who did the most chores. It also comes with a coupon for a personal pan pizza for a job well done. I display these in a prominent place. Also, when my girls were smaller I would use monopoly money. Each chore earned a certain amount of monopoly money and on Saturdays they would redeem them for a privilege of their choice. This included things such as: fingernail painting, games of their choice, etc. (Vickie Anders)


I have two small children (age 2 and age 4). When I am cleaning my house they are responsible for cleaning up their own room. When I have other things around the house like my laundry. I have them carry the dirty clothes to the laundry room. They carry dirty dishes to the kitchen they clean their own toilet around the edges with a wet rag. Then I go back and scrub the inside and spray it with bleach water. They like to help around the house and help mommy so this lets them be a part of it all. They even pick up trash around the house. After it is all done then I make a special treat for them after dinner. (Amy)


I have a 9 year old. I listed his chores on 3x5 cards. I put one chore on each card and I keep them all together and when I want him to do a chore a put one on the kitchen counter where he is to check everyday.

He cleans off the kitchen table, empties the trash cans, cleans the glass tables, mows the grass, sweeps the floors, empties the dishwasher etc. (Darla)


Set up a chore chart to assign everyone their chores to do each day. You can keep it on the refrigerator.

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