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Baking Tips
Apr 29, 2007, 21:57

Use cooking spray or oil on your mixer's beaters before using. It will help to keep the batter from sticking. (Wendy)


Keep your rolling pin and pastry cloth in the freezer before using to help keep dough from sticking.


A salt shaker filled with flour works well for dusting pans and coating chicken. A salt shaker filled with powdered sugar works well for dusting muffins and the tops of cakes for decorative purposes. A salt shaker can also be used for the cinnamon toast mixture of sugar and cinnamon.


For cookies in a cookie jar, line each layer with wax paper. This keeps the cookies from sticking together. Make sure though that the cookies are well cooled before storing.


Putting a small piece of bread inside your cookie jar keeps the cookies crispy and lasts longer. Alternatively you can line bottom of jar with tracing paper. (Elyce)


To protect your cookbooks when cooking and referring to a recipe often out of the book, cover the cookbook with a plastic bag to prevent it from getting spills on it.

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