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Clothing Tip : Deodorant Stains
Apr 22, 2007, 20:33

If you get a white mark from deodorant on your shirt or dress after putting it on, wipe the mark with a foam pad that some closet hangers come with. This is very helpful, and will save you from embarrassment! (LaLa)

Here is a no fail treatment for arm pit stains: you will need: laundry detergent (the kind that removes stains is best.. e.g.. AMAZE) and a few drops of water. Make a paste with the laundry detergent and water (a THICK paste). Spread it over the stained area. Roll the stained area up so that it is not exposed to the air; only the detergent. Leave to sit for about 2 hours. Then, wash the shirt in the normal wash. The stain will be GONE! (Margaret)

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