Tips for Christmas Tags
Nov 29, 2006, 22:51
  Personal Christmas Tag Idea

To personalize your Christmas or gift tags, print out or get copies of photos for the person who will be receiving the gift. Glue or tape the photo on a piece of card stock. This is a neat visual way for people to "see" who's gift belongs to whom.
Recycle Your Christmas

Recycle your Christmas cards by using them as gift tags next year! Cut individual pictures out, or use the whole front picture. They are very beautiful against plain wrapping paper, and it's better than throwing those beautiful cards in the trash!! (Deanna)

Christmas Tags For Presents

If you happen to run out of tags for your presents, you can use a piece of the wrapping paper folded in half with the white side inward. Cut the edges with decorative scissors and label on the inside the To: and From: parts. Tape to gift. (Wendy)

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