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Tip for Mailing Christmas Packages
By Wendy Shepherd
Nov 11, 2006, 11:20

You know those little pieces of wrapping paper that you always have left when cutting out the perfect pieces for the gifts? I used to just throw those away, or try and save them for any smaller packages that I had to wrap. However, after time, those pieces stack up and never seem to get used.

This year, I did something different. I needed some packaging padding for some Christmas gifts I was sending and didn't want to use the old standard, unfestive fillers. So, I thought about using the old pieces for filler. I used the paper shredder to chop up the old pieces of wrapping paper into a sort of Christmas fest filler. This served to help get rid of old/small wrapping paper pieces and to help nicely pack the Christmas gifts.

Think about it this way too... once everyone has finished upwrapping their Christmas gifts this year, instead of throwing away the Christmas wrapping paper, make box filler for next year's gifts that have to be send via mail. Flatten the paper, and store... or flatten and shred and then store for next year.

- tip by © Copyright Wendy Shepherd

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