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Tips for Wrapping Paper
Dec 11, 2005, 22:00

Keep Wrap From Unrolling

To keep wrapping paper from unrolling and getting crumpled, save empty toilet paper rolls. Cut it open with scissors and slide this around the tube of wrapping paper. The paper won't unroll anymore and you just slide the cardboard toilet paper cuff off when it's time to use some wrapping paper. You could also use an empty paper towel roll too! (Barbara Shane Executive Secretary California Trade And Commerce Agency Division of Economic Research and Strategic Initiatives)

Wrapping Gifts

Make good use of that glue gun by using a dab here and there if you run out of tape for your wrapping paper, or if youi just want to have a quick way for little ones to unwrap the paper. (Michele)

Wrapping Paper

Don't burn wrapping paper in the fireplace. It often contains metallic materials that can be toxic if burned.

Gift Wrapping

After you wrap the gifts decorate by tying the gifts with long licorice strings that come in different flavors or tacking on candy or flowers.

Wrapping Paper

To store wrapping paper on rolls... I cover the tube with a piece of hosiery. Cut the foot and the top off and slip over the entire tube. you can secure the ends with twist ties or bread wrapper tabs. (bettdev) For oversized packages try using a paper tablecloth. (Wendy)

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