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Money Saving Tips - Free Stuff
Jul 19, 2007, 00:49

Friday nights are Snack nights at our house. I get a lot of cheap fingerfoods, such as cheddar cheese, mini pizzas, chips n dip, etc. We check out videos from our local library for FREE and snack and watch movies together. (VIVO)

Check your local church to see if they have a "Clothes Closet". This is a room in which people bring clothes in and other people can come and take some of these clothes home. It is sort of a clothes swap. Especially great for when you have kids who grow out of their clothes so quickly.

When thinking of renting a movie for the family, try your local library first. Ours has a large selection of popular movies besides informational videos that they allow to check out usually at no charge. (Dulcy)

"Free" entertainment for both kids & adults is to check out your local bookstore for events. A lot of times they even have snacks & juice - we are going to see the Animaniacs on Friday and the kids are so excited. (Jan)

Take a walk. If it's raining , go to the mall to walk, and take only enough money for something to eat or drink so you won't be tempted to buy anything else.

Look for community or school events and shows that are for free. They are alot of fun, yet nice on your wallet.

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