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Aug 19, 2007, 01:25

When baby has a cold and a runny nose, don't use a paper tissue as that will make the nose really raw (just like adult noses but more sensitive). Use a flannel wipe instead. Cut flannel into desired size and zig-zag over edge (or serge edge if you have a serger available to you). Then just wash with babies clothing (no fabric softener though). (Gretchen)

To keep toddlers from getting into the cabinet doors near the floor, put big fat rubber bands from one knob to the other and they cant open it. (happy2b45)

I must share with you my kid's favorite videos. We have a few of the collection called BABY SONGS. These are musical and fun videos for babies and toddlers, although my older kids love them too. Babies love to watch other babies! What is especially nice is that I didn't get tired of hearing the songs over and over again. These songs are so nice that I found myself enjoying singing them with the kids! All I can say is that you must try it to see what I mean.

I use the plastic bags from the grocery store to throw out the baby's poopie diaper discards. I put the plastic bags in a pretty fabric tube that is really easy to make or you could stuff them in an empty paper towel ring. Then I just throw them outside in the trash. No more stinky diaper genie. And the bags are free. (Tori)

Don't spend alot of money on those travel size wipe packages for your baby. It is easier to just grab a few wipes from the big box at home and toss them in a ziploc sandwich bag. Or perhaps take a washcloth, baby soap and a baggie to use. (Michelle)

You can't use Vicks on babies with colds. I use a washcloth with Vicks rubbed on it and fold it in half or quarter it. This way the Vicks doesn't touch my son's skin and it is good for helping with coughing at night. Watch that the baby doesn't get too hot though. Don't let the Vicks touch the babies skin. (Wendy)

I do a couple of different things to get baby poop stains out. Wash them in cold water, and let soak. Hang them out in the sun. The sun is a natural bleach agent. Sometimes it will take a day or two, depending on the stain. (Wendy)

Homemade Baby Wipes recipe: In a large container with a locking lid, pour in 8 cups warm water, and add 1 Tbs.. olive oil plus 1 Tbs.. dishwashing detergent (moms say Dawn is one of the best). Stir to help make a solution. Add either torn or cut Bounty or Viva paper towel pieces (each regular sheet cut into 2 pieces), or else try cutting the paper towel roll's tube in half, leaving you with two short rolls. If you choose to use the rolls, place one roll into the container. After tube has softened in water mixture, than remove the tube, so that you have towel sheets that 'feed' out from the center, when you pull on the 'top sheet.' ! (Kathy)

Most babies don't like to have their face wiped off after eating. I have found that you can take the baby and hold over the kitchen sink with the faucet running and cup the water into your hand, and rub it on their face. They seem more interested in the running water than in getting their face cleaned. (Wendy)

To remove Desitin, I do know that I have alot of luck using a bit of dish washing soap (The kind you wash your dishes with) on oily/greasy things. Because they are made to "Cut" the grease. (Wendy)

Desitin removal, use one part white vinegar and one part Dawn soap. It works on contact. (Jenny)

To help a baby get more soup or cereal in, let them use a measuring spoon. It is nice and deep to hold more.

To soften baby's rubber pants use glycerin.

For a teething baby you can use one drop of clove oil diluted with one tablespoon of safflower oil or licorice root. Clove oil is basically a natural topical anesthetic; like baby Oragel or Anbasol just natural. (Josie)

While dressing my 1 year old the other day, I found that the crotch snaps kept coming unsnapped. I remembered a tip my mom had given me years earlier. Take a hammer and GENTLY tap the male end of the snap. It worked, the snaps were tightened and didn't come apart again. (Martha)

If your baby constantly gets a rash under the neck, use Crisco. Vaseline didn't seem to work, so the Dr. said try Crisco, and it worked. (Jennifer)

Use cornstarch instead of baby powder. Remember also that it is dangerous for the baby to inhale any powder, so use carefully.

Use a cold washcloth (it can be put in the freezer for a few minutes) for a teething baby. They love to suck on it too.

Save pizza crusts in the freezer for teething toddlers. Watch child closely with any food. (Anon)

With toddlers, they love to chew on frozen peas. Make sure an adult is always watching over them in case of choking.

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