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Save Money - Credit Card Tips
Jul 26, 2007, 00:52

I always pay off the full amount on my credit card at the receipt of statement. I refuse to have to give them more than what I had to charge so I treat my credit card no different than my phone or electric bill when it is due. (VIVO)

Check your Credit Card Statements every month. Verify every purchase. Often times those statements are wrong, so you'll not only be paying for someone else's purchase, you'll be paying for their interest too. (Anon)

If you have $1000 in your savings account but owe $700 on a credit card, take the money from your savings to pay it off. While it's good to have money in your savings account, the interest on the credit card is usually a lot higher than the interest on the savings account. You will save money in the long run. (Tim H)

I use old credit cards as a food scraper when washing dishes. It works great!! It saves money 2 ways. (dharj)

Record your credit card purchases in your checkbook as a regular check and you'll know EXACTLY how much money you have spent.

Pay off any balances on special offers (like no interest for 3 months) before they expire. Otherwise you'll be hit with retroactive interest from the date of purchase.

Don't use a credit card! Nothing more, it is perfect! (nkart)

Always pay more than the minimum balance. Your debt will be paid off quicker. It is best to pay off your credit cards in full each time they come due, rather than to let them build up.

Each month check your credit card statements for the interest rates. The credit companies tend to raise the interest rates without notification.

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