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Tip for removing sap on car
By Wendy Shepherd : Tipz Time
Nov 11, 2006, 11:34

People often find themselves having to park their car under a tree. If the car has to sit under trees for any amount of time, you will find they get sap stuck on the paint. Your first thought may be to go out and buy an expensive car sap remover, but I have found a very simple way to remove sap with a product that is found in most refrigerators. Next time that sticky sap is found on your car, all hard from sitting in the sun, whip out the mayonnaise. Place it in a bowl and grab a soft cotton cloth, like a baby cotton cloth diaper. Dip the cloth into the mayonnaise and run onto the sap. You may need to use some pressure, but the sap should come off. When done, wash and rinse the car.

*NOTE: I can't guarantee this will always work, but it has for me. I can't guarantee that this won't do damage to your paint.

- tip by © Copyright Wendy Shepherd

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