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Tips for Burns
Jun 21, 2007, 00:36

If you burn your tongue with hot coffee, sprinkle a little sugar on the spot to stop the pain. (Leandro)

Grow an Aloe plant in your house. Place a rusty nail in the plant's soil to keep it healty. Before you go camping, cut a leaf from the plant and store in a zip lock bag in case of burns. If you receive a burn, spread the sap over the burn for several minutes keeping it moist. The pain will be reduced and healing can begin. (Stephen)

For a burn, keep an aloe vera plant around. They take almost no care (just a little water every now and again) and multiply easily. As soon as possible after the burn occurs, break off a leaf of the plant and rub the sap juice of the plant over the burn. Apply again for a day after washing or just to keep it moist. This will not only prevent the blistering, but also keeps the skin from drying out and leaving that ugly brown blotch that usually results from a bad burn. (Anon)

I keep a bag of peas in the freezer. Whenever I need to apply ice to an injury/sore muscle it's ready and easy to apply. Just don't eat em! (Barb)

For Burns, pour white vinegar on the burn. Use a generous amount and do not wipe it off. Allow it to dry on. (Isaac)

For Burns, apply toothpaste to the burnt area. It will sting a little but it prevents the skin from blistering. (Dawn)

Immediately place burned area under cold water and let the water run over it for a few minutes.

Keep a damp sponge in the freezer and apply it to the affected area. (Phyllis A)

Keep cold water running while you drain the hot water from pasta or veggies. It prevents the steam from scalding your hands. (Phyllis A)

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