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Tips for Fleas
Jun 15, 2007, 00:15

Buy pet bedding with cedar chips. Cedar chips help repel fleas.

In house: Vacuum daily, removing the vacuum bag when finished. Sprinkle garlic powder, or brewer's yeast onto affected areas.

On pets: boil one lemon in some water, strain and pour into a spray bottle to spray your pet with.

To get rid of fleas in the house: Put a few moth balls in your vacuum bag and vacuum carpets and bare floors thoroughly for about one week. Especially in corners and baseboards. (Pebbles)

Try mixing pinesol with salt, and pour it in a spray bottle and spray affected areas. (Jeff K)

We had fleas very bad and no matter what we tried, for three weeks straight, they would chew our legs even more. Go buy 3-4 (26 OZ.) Morton Iodized Salt containers. Vacuum the carpets and throw away the bag. Then sprinkle the salt on the floor and leave for one week, then vacuum. The fleas will eat the salt and bust. We have not had any fleas since. (Deb)

Fleas do not like lavender. Nor do they like marigolds. (Susanna)

If you have fleas everywhere in your house, a good way to get rid of them is to create a soap water mixture. Place it below a light. The warmth seeking fleas will dive into the mixture. After a day, you will see a bowl full of suicide fleas! (anon)


There are a variety of natural ways to prevent fleas from infesting your cat. If you feed your cat soft food, try mixing some fresh minced garlic into the food. Also, you can put a small amount of white vinegar into your pets drinking water. Also, one good way to prevent fleas is to feed your cat a healthy all natural diet. Try foods like "solid gold" or "azmira". Those food lines come in both soft and hard forms. (Chris W.)

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