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Save Money - Banks
Jul 26, 2007, 00:58

Look for free checking, free ATM withdrawals, and if you have a minimum balance make sure that you have the minimum balance in the account permanently by not recording it in your account, you'll never miss it.

Don't order checks from the bank. Buy them from an outside printer (such as Current) that make checks. You can save alot. If you do order checks from the bank, only order the basic. The others are way expensive.

About not paying for the checks that the bank provides, but rather buying from an outside vendor. DO NOT BUY THOSE checks. Some are cheaper because they don't use magnetic ink. The bank uses special machines that look for magnetic ink when sorting them. If you use the cheap checks, errors will occur and it could cause a lot of headaches. I used to work for a bank, first hand experience, it is worth the extra 5 dollars! (Ryan B)

When I contacted Checks Unlimited to ask if they use magnetic ink, they provided me with a response that said not only do they meet and exceed the bank's check standards, but that they check the quality of their magnetic ink every two hours. (Laura L)

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