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Say "Happy Holidays" with Shutterfly cards and gifts
By Shutterfly
Oct 18, 2004, 22:47

Get 15 FREE prints!

Make the holidays yours with personalized cards and gifts from Shutterfly. They're easy to make, fun to send, and loved ones with enjoy seeing your favorite photo and reading your personal message. Holiday items include:

Greeting Cards feature dozens of wonderful new holiday borders to highlight your photo, including colorful modern, retro, classic, and fun designs. Put your personalized message inside for friends and family to enjoy, too. Plus, our 4x8 Photo Cards are available at a new lower price; with your picture and message, they're a perfect way to say happy holidays to larger groups.

For a picture-perfect present or stocking stuffer, our Photo Gifts are a great choice. You can make unique Mugs, Mouse pads, T-shirts, Tote bags, and Aprons in just moments. You can put a holiday border on them and use captions to say a few words. Cooks, kids, and computer fans will love them!

You can stay in touch all year long by creating a personalized Calendar with favorite photos. 12- and 18-month styles are made of heavy card stock and stand up to wear and tear all year long. Make "A Year in the Life" for new parents or "Dog Days" for the canine couple! Use borders and captions to complete your Calendar.

Beat the holiday rush and order your gifts today! Try Shutterfly and get a gift of your own 15 free 4x6 prints!

Get 15 FREE prints!

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