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The link section shut down on November 12, 2008, But there are some alternatives for you...

1) Advertise
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2) Submit a decent article
that folks would like to read and give your name, website description and ONE
link in the author credit area at the end of the article.
The article does get highlighted in the TipzTime newsletter to over 4,000 subscribers.
If you need an article or something from me to link back to TipzTime, let me know. I'll create something or send something for you to use.
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3) Get showcased
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4) One more thing,

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Why did I get rid of the link system? Junk submissions taking up my time were the problem mostly.
I couldn't keep wasting time, money, etc. on upgrades and fixes to the link system.
I also don't think that folks get the fair exposure or decent search placement they need on a page full of nothing but links anymore.
Friends told me link systems were dead. I didn't believe them for a long time until now.

Wishing you much success!!!

Take care, ~Wendy Shepherd