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These are some Easter and Spring time crafts and ideas to do with eggs and more. What a wonderful, beautiful time of year for renewal. Don't forget the true meaning of Easter.

Flower Pot Border

What is needed:
Hot Glue Gun
Cinnamon Sticks
Fake Flowers 
Fake Ivy leaves
Dried Floral moss 

Hot glue the back of two cinnamon sticks... permanently placing as a border into a V shape.  Hot glue the back of Dried Floral moss and place on outer edge of V shaped Cinnamon stick Pot.  Hot glue the back of Fake Green Ivy or any other Fake leaves and place inside of Pot. Then hot glue back of Fake Flowers placing over leaves, making an arrangement as a Florist Pot.  With imagination and your eyes you can make a wonderful Border in your kitchen, living room or anywhere by repeating these steps.  It is simple and cost effective, with a light scent of cinnamon to be greeted with when you come home from a hard day of work. 
(Lori P.)


Here's an easy craft for any springtime occasion that I did one year with a small group of seniors. Don't know how original it is, but it was easy and relatively inexpensive. (Terri)

Miniature Birdbath - 

You'll need several 3" or 4" terra cotta pots and saucers; assorted colors of craft paint; brushes; a kitchen sponge cut into about 1" squares. Small decorative birds, tiny satin roses or other mini flowers and moss.  Also a hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks.

Base coat the pots and saucers a color of choice, let dry. Then sponge paint (a little or a lot) over that.  Glue the saucer's bottom side to the pot's bottom side (does that make sense?) so you have a birdbath. Paint the inside of the saucer blue and let dry. Now squeeze a lot of hot glue into the saucer - about a good half inch but no more than that.  Let set. Glue on the moss around the bottom of the birdbath, fix on some flowers. Glue the bird to the rim of the birdbath, or set him in the "water"



What you need: Coffee filters, cotton balls, pipe cleaners (white and green) water paint, green crepe paper, or green construction paper.  (Wendy)

Place the cotton ball in the center of the coffee filter. Gather the coffee filter around the cotton ball and use the white pipe cleaner to keep it gathered. Puff out the coffee filter and flatten.  Use 1/2 of the green pipe cleaner to make the stem by hooking it in the back of the flower where the cotton ball hole is. Use the water paint to lightly paint some color onto the flower. Last make the leaves for the flower with the green crepe paper or construction paper.

Easter Basket

What you need: popsicle sticks, ribbon, craft glue or hot glue gun, green felt, yellow and white pompoms, pipe cleaner, white and orange foam, string, black marker. (Wendy)

Basket: use one popsicle stick for the top, lay in a fan like way 7 popsicle sticks on top of it. break one popsicle stick in half and use for the bottom of the basket under the 7. Glue these in place, to form the basket. Glue one more popsicle stick on the top of the other side of the basket. Use the ribbon to weave in and out of the fan like area of the basket from the bottom to the top, filling the gaps in. Use the green felt and either cut in a zigzag way or use fancy scissors to make the green felt look like grass for the bottom of the basket. Glue in place around both sides. Make a bow with the ribbon to place in the middle of the top of the basket. Attach the pipe cleaner, for the handle,  in between the basket top slats on each side with glue. Cut the white foam into a rectangle and make the Happy Easter sign to hang down from the middle of the top handle of the basket and tie on with the string.

Little chick: Little yellow pompom and real small yellow pompom glue together for the body and head. Cut out a tiny orange beak and glue onto the head and use the black marker for the eyes. Glue onto the left, top side of the basket so it looks inward. 

Little white bunny: Little white pompom and real small white pompom glue together for the body and head. Cut out one piece of white foam to look like two ears as one piece and glue to the top of the bunny head. Use the black marker to make eyes and nose. Glue to the right, top side of the basket so it looks inward.

Bunny Ears

Things you need: construction paper, plain plastic headband, scissors, and crazy glue or hot glue which ever works best. 

Now cut out a pair of  small ovals and then a pair a little bigger than that one.  Then use elmers glue to glue them together and when it dries glue the ears to your headband and you will have Bunny Ears!!!!!! (skieriee10)

"Fence Post" Pen/Pencil Holder"

Things you need: 
1. Adult Supervision 
2. An Aluminum Can (Soup, mushroom can etc..)
3. Thin Craft Sticks (Colored or Plain)
4. Glue (Tacky Glue Or Jewlet Works Best)
5. Tree Limb Cutters Or Very Sharp Scissors
6. And Optional Small Flowers, Button Animals etc.
7. News Paper For Work Surface
8. Ruler
1. Spread News Paper Over Work Surface.
2. Set Can Right Side Up (Opening At Top).
3. Measure The Height Of Your Can.
4. Cut Craft Sticks The Height Of The Can Plus 1/2 Inch.
5. Cut On End Of The Craft Sticks To A "V Point".
6. Glue Craft Sticks Around The Can.
7. Glue On Optional Extras

If This Is For A Gift, You Could By Packs Of Pens
And Pencils To Go Inside! (Morgan)

Small Easter Baskets

Needed Items:
1. Starch Can Lid
2. Green Scrap Paper 
   (Or White Scraps Colored Green)
3. Scissors
4. Pipe Cleaner Any Color
5. Some Kind Of Candy Egg
   (Cadbury, stuffed Eggs, etc..)

1. Cut Green Paper Into Thin Strips With Scissors.
   (Each About 1/4 Inch Wide)
2. Fan Fold Each Strip.
3. Place Candy Egg In The Center Hole Of The 
   Starch Lid.
4. Place "Grass Around The Egg.
5. Glue Pipe Cleaner Inside, To The Sides
   To Form A Handle.

Sunshine Superman


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