Tips to Keep Your Done Up Sports Cars Looking Great
By Vincent P Platania
Oct 30, 2007, 19:59
  For many memories of the days that were, and the energy that was, comes alive when they see the done up sports cars of yesterday. It only seems like a short while ago, they were full of vitality and youthful energy, ready to fight for the girl and race to win. The good news is that they're still full of energy and zest for life. That fact is well proven in the beauty of their done up sports cars.

If you're one of those lucky few, that own one of the vintage sports cars, I'm sure you want to do everything you can to keep it in mint condition and looking great. With so many options available as to how to keep it clean and shiny, as well as protected, you may need a few tips to make sure your prized car stays looking just like new.

First, let's talk about the damage the environment can have on your car. Aside from obvious things like storms of wind, rain, and snow, you should also consider the effect those not so obvious environmental factors can cause. Pollutants in the air, high heat, extreme cold, as well as dust and grime can damage your car's finish. The best solution is to store your sports car in a climate controlled building. If that is not possible, at least purchase a cover to help protect it from damage. A cover is recommended even if it's stored in the garage of your home.

Whenever you drive your car or have it outside for extended periods, it is important to clean the surface to remove any chemicals or abrasives that could harm the finish during storage. Make sure you choose a car cleaner/wax that is strong enough to remove the dirt, road tar, grease, and bugs and still be non-abrasive. You'll also want to choose a product that rinses clear and leaves no water spots.

Here's a great tip no matter what car you're washing. A long mitt works better than sponges. Mitts offer better scrubbing control and the fabric holds more water for faster washing.

Once you've cleaned your sports car, you can relax knowing that you've removed potentially damaging particles. The finish and the wax job will last longer by keeping your car clean and shiny.

Of course, you want your car to be clean and polished at all times. Sometimes you may not have the time to do a complete wax job. Don't fret. Newer technologies have given us products that will give your car a "just waxed" look in between waxing. As you look for these items make sure to choose one that is safe for clear coats and the paint you have on your car. You'll get not only a great looking shiny car; you'll also be providing your carís finish with lasting protection.

These simple suggestions will keep your done up sports car looking great for years. Enjoy the ride!

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