When Detailing a Car, Products Will Help Protect Your Interior
By Vincent
Feb 14, 2007, 05:16
  Nothing looks better than a clean, detailed car. The thought of having your special vehicle detailed by someone strange can be a luxury to some or a nightmare for the conscientious car fanatic. Either way when detailing a car, products carefully chosen will help protect every inch of your car both inside and out. Make sure if you are not doing it yourself that the detailer is using products you know and approve of such as the ones mentioned here.

Detailing is not just cleaning your car or giving it a quick wash. It means taking care of every little detail and it may require more time to make sure everything is spotless, clean, and protected. Detailing a car not only helps your car look great, it provides much needed protection to your vehicle.

There are many aspects inside the car to clean and protect. Parts such as vinyl and leather need some extra attention to keep it in great shape. If you want leather or vinyl to keep their splendor, then it must remain pliable and clean. Finding a good cleaner and protectant will keep your leather or vinyl seats more conditioned and looking brand new.

Another part of your car that attracts dirt, spills, and other stains is the carpet. Just like the carpet in a house it needs vacuuming regularly, spot cleaned if needed, and protected from future incidences. Oil and grease stains can be some of the most difficult to remove from carpet. Again choosing a good product works wonders on not only grease but many other stains as well.

The interior cloth or upholstery can get just as messy as anything else in the vehicle. This is especially true if you have kids or pets. To remove lint and pet hair a sticky roller works wonders. Stains on the upholstery can also be a chore. Newer technologies have improved upholstery cleaners. Most not only cleans and removes stains but hey provide protection from future spills.

Time saving tips to a spotless interior

Dashboard cleaning can be tedious with all the nooks and crannies like the air vents and other grooves along the way. A quicker method to clean those small areas without taking hours is with a soft paintbrush or a damp q-tip. When wiping the dashboard always use a wet micro-fiber cloth to clean and keep around for small accidents. Donít forget the protector when it's clean. Protectant helps keep cracks from sun damage, fading, and more away.

For glass cleaning needs be sure to use a cloth that leaves no lint. Using one designed specifically for cleaning is recommended

Regular maintenance on each of these areas will not only protect your car, but also protect the value of it. It is easier to care for your vehicle now than spend more time and money to fix the problems later.

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