Find Out How to Keep your Hot Cars Looking Hot
By vincent
Mar 10, 2007, 03:36
  Ok, you've got one of those hot cars. Everything is just right. The engine, the color, the finish, and the interior are really cool. The outside is shined to perfection... or is it?

Walk around your car. How are the tires looking? Do the wheels sparkle just like the body of your car? Are they just as perfect as the rest of your hot car? Or, do you see a little less shine and possibly grime on the wheels?

The appearance of your tires have a major impact on the total perception of your car. A great looking body without great looking tires, drops you from the hot cars list to the so-so list. Keeping your tires looking great can be a challenge. The efforts are well worth the rewards.

The tires on your car have several things that affect their quality and their appearance. Things like water, petroleum distillates, UV light, ozone and formaldehyde all have a heavy impact on your tires. Water removes the oils and waxes that keep your tires pliable. Formaldehyde and petroleum distillates break down the rubber. UV light combined with ozone will also break down your tires.

Carbon black is used to protect against the breakdown of your tires. That is why tires are usually black. As the carbon black does it's work to protect your tires it wears away and your tires become greyer looking. That's why older tires have this discoloration. Without protection, tires can become dry, discolored, and crack. That's reason enough for me to regularly clean and protect my tires.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your tires looking great!

IMPORTANT: If your wheels are still hot from driving, don't clean. Wait until they have cooled as cold water can cause damage.

Brushes and sponges work best for cleaning tires. Using a chamois cloth also works well for drying before applying protection.

Clean one tire at a time. Also, clean your tires before washing the rest of the car. This keeps dirt, brake dust, and soapy water from getting on an already cleaned car.
Use a product designed especially for tires. Tires have more grime, dirt, and brake dust than other areas of your vehicle. Using a product thatís safe, yet strong enough to remove all types of dirt will save you time and won't harm your tires.

Once you've thoroughly cleaned the tires, make sure to rinse just as thoroughly. Remove any possible residue of the cleaner from your tires. This will go a long way to make sure oxidation and deterioration does not occur.

After you've rinsed the tire, dry completely. Next, you will want to apply a protecting tire finish. This finish will give your tires the shine you want.

Keep these steps in mind each time you clean your tires and you'll stay off the "so-so"list and have one of the hot cars.

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