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Creative Uses For Window Film During the Holidays
By John Hutchins
Oct 31, 2009, 18:58

With the Fall and Winter season approaching, many homeowners begin to spring into action in short weekend bursts of energy and busyness. The official decorating season has begun and the race is on to update our homes for the Holidays. All of us want to add style, character and uniqueness to our houses but, the challenge becomes to figure out how to make your home stand out among the dozens of other copycats in your neighborhood.

One creative idea is to use your windows as a focal point of the front of your home. Admittedly this tip is not for everyone. Not all people like to place things on their windows, however I see it more and more in my own hometown, so I thought this might help those of you who aren't adverse to the thought of some creative holiday decals.

The idea is to use decorative window film and stencils or patterns and place them on your windows. Personally I think this is a fabulous activity that you can involve your children in on cold dreary days and really get their creative juices flowing. Here's how it works.

First you need to choose your window films. These can be purchased online or at local home improvement stores. For the Fall season, I think that stained glass window film or colored privacy window film make great color options. For the winter season, my personal favorites are frosted glass window film or etched glass window film. You won't need to buy entire rolls of these films unless you plan on doing this year after year. The best part about most of these films are that they are adhesive free and can be easily applied to a clean glass surface from the inside of your home. Also the removal of the window film is quite simple. A little elbow grease, soapy water, and a sharp blade edge and the film just peels right off.

Next you want to trace out some of your favorite patterns. If you can't draw and have no artistic ability, don't fret, you can buy stencils of your chosen patterns at a hobby store or fabric store. Another option is to use cookie cutters shaped in your styles and trace around them. When tracing or drawing out your shapes, do so on a thick piece of cardboard or laminate. At this point you are just making a "model" of the shapes that you want. Then when you are finished with the patterns, cut them out and place them aside.

The next step is to now lay out your window film on a flat surface, preferably one that won't be harmed by a knife blade and place your patterned cardboard pieces on top of it. Then using a sharp exacto knife or utility blade, cut around the patterns with the knife and lift out the patterned shape window film cutouts. Now all that is left is to peel off the window film backing from the new shaped cutout and apply it to your windows or glass doors.

This is a fun and a unique way to separate yourself from the crowds around you. Also, as I mentioned it is a cool project for you and your children to participate in. Really when the whole family gets involved, their is no end to the creativity,shapes and patterns that emerge. We love the holidays and hope you find this unique tip on improving your home helpful and fun.

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