Dusting Tips
May 18, 2007, 23:41
  When I am dusting, along with the usual furniture polish spray + soft cloth + windex + paper towels, I have my vacuum cleaner ready to use too. I sometimes will use the soft round dusting brush attachment on the end of my vacuum hose to suck up cobwebs, dust lamp shades, the television screen and the heating vents/cold air returns. If you see that the dusting attachment brushes are getting pretty full of dust/lint, just take the attachment brush off of the curved wand and suction off the brushes with the vacuum cleaner hose nozzle. (Jean-JGMCubs)

Dusting Lamp Shades: They have a lot of new lengths in dusters now. All kinds of sizes to use to dust lamp shades, computer keys, lots of neat sizes to get down into cracks and crevices. Try one of those. With lamp shades, be sure to dust often, as if dust sits too long on those, to get it ALL OFF, you have to dampen your rag or duster some. Also, be sure to always wash your duster to get all dust out so you won't be smearing dirt onto lamp shades instead of getting it off. (Shirley)

Dusty pleated lamp shades? Try cleaning lamp shades with a clean paint brush, just brush each pleat. Make sure the brush is the right size so it can get down in the top and bottom of pleats. (Linda)

Use a lint brush roller (the kind with sticky paper that you throw away) to dust lamp shades. It really works! (Sarah)

It may be best to use just plain old water on a cloth to wipe dust from most surfaces. Not soaking wet, but just barely damp to pick up the dust.

Wear an old sock on each hand like a glove and go at dusty surfaces with both hands at once.

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