Planning A Vacation - Budgeting Tips
By Kidslovevacations.com
Jul 9, 2009, 00:55
  The following are some vacation planning tips if you are on a budget:

1. Always compare flight and hotel deals. Look out for lowest rates and what they are offering. However, do check out for their cancellation policy before booking.

2. Book a flight and hotel bundle which will save you money.

3. Always read hotel reviews before you book your
accommodation. You know what it means to make a wrong choice.

4. It always pays to look into local tour operators for activities and tours. As local operators, they specialise in their destinations and more often able to provide better or competitive deals than the rest. For instance, if you are visiting Europe, look into travel operators who specialise in Europe.

5. Spend wisely and work on a budget by prebooking your tours.

6. Grab a railpass to make travelling easier and hassle-free and money saving. Some countries, such as Switzerland, offer family passes; check out the conditions for child travel before you book.

7. Always look out for sightseeing passes, which provide discounted admission to tourist attractions. These passes can save you tons. By prebooking them on the web, you may be able to join the 'fast track' instead of queuing to purchase tickets at the attraction.

8. Check out combo packages offer by attractions. It allows you to enter a few attractions at a discounted rate.

9. Go for sightseeing buses to minimize transfers and maximise sightseeing. Sightseeing buses provides interesting commentary, unless you want to miss it.

10. Look out for free airport pickups or free transport around the city. For instance, Melbourne Australia not only has a free City Circle Tram, it also has a free Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle !

11. Read travelogues or blogs to find out more about the destination. It's worth to check out how other travellers have made it in each destination. Travellers are likely to comment on their experience for each activity or tour. This will help you in planning your vacation.

12. Read travel forums. Usually for travel forum, there are experts in each destination to answer all your questions. So don't be shy to post your question.

13. If you do not have an idea of where to go, you can begin with travel deals. Also, suggested itineraries from tourism boards offer excellent ideas can faciliate your planning. Check out the events calendar for your desired destination should help.

14. If you are travelling with your fmaily, look out for hotels with free nights or hotels where kids stay free. Do consider staying in a hostel. Many hostels offer freebies such as free breakfast, free airport pickups etc.

15. Check out attractions which offer free entry on certain days or after certain hours. Some museums allow free entry on certain days. For instance, the Chicago Children's Museum has a Free Family Night on Thursday evenings, 5-8pm - free admission for everyone. Its Target Free First Mondays - first Monday of every month offers free admission for ages 15 and under.

16. You can also get discounted entry after certain hour or weekends at some attractions such as Tokyo Disneyland.

17. Get coupons provided by attractions, tourism businesses or restaurants. Destination such as Japan offers Welcome Cards which provides visitors with discounted admission to many attractions.

By Kidslovevacations.com

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