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Articles : Health Last Updated: Mar 19th, 2010 - 11:39:35

Articles : Health
Weight Loss Tips: How to Burn Calories, Maximize Metabolism
Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Metabolism, Burn Calories and Finally Lose Your Unwanted Weight
Mar 19, 2010, 09:02

Articles : Health
Three Effective Ways to Reduce Stress and Depressed Mood During the Holidays
Some may embrace the holidays with cheer, hope, and thanksgiving while others may embrace the season with burden, anxiety, and personal failure. This article addresses three ways you can overcome anxiety and depressed mood during the holidays.
Oct 9, 2009, 14:23

Articles : Health
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
The Sacroiliac joint (SI) connects the base of the spine to the pelvis. It has two connection points and a hefty network of ligaments because it is a weight-bearing joint. The connection points have a kind of ...
Aug 12, 2009, 01:20

Articles : Health
Trigger Point Therapy
Research by Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons, authors of "The Trigger Point Manual," has shown that trigger points are the primary cause of pain at least 75 percent of the time and are a factor in nearly every...
Aug 5, 2009, 18:49

Articles : Health
Rolfing Therapy: A Way to Align the Body and Relieve Pain
Rolfing is a method of structural integration accomplished by soft tissue manipulation and movement education. Developed in the 1950s by Ida Rolf, this ...
Aug 4, 2009, 18:43

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