Choosing the Right Wedding Dress
Oct 25, 2009, 14:56
  Each person has their own body type and the cut, color and shape of the dress plays a vital role in the overall look of your wedding presentations. If you are looking for a wedding dress and do not know the best style to choose for your body type, look below for help in getting a head start by looking at the winners.

It is a common myth that there are not specially design dresses for curvy women. In actuality, most women are curvy; so instead of hiding your beautiful womanly curves, work with them!

If you are curvy, stay away from empire waistlines because they draw attention to the wrong areas. It is also advised that you do not have a plunging neckline. Instead, stick with more along the lines of a sweetheart neckline. Ultimately, you should aim for wedding dresses that have a lower waistline and hug your curves. Too loose will make you appear larger in size.

Do you have an apple shape? This means you are heavier in the middle area and larger all around. You can minimize your mid section by getting a wedding dress that has a tight middle. This means that it has a material that can provide support, almost the same concept of a corset but not. You should choose a wedding dress that has wider straps at the top which helps provide an overall balance along with a scoop or V neck top.

If you have a pear shape body, it means you have a smaller chest and a larger bottom. This body type requires that you make the focus go upward. That is why an empire waistline or babydoll style dress is most appropriate. Again, it balances out the body. You will definitely want to avoid such items as a low waist or slinky wedding dress.

Slender and tall women should wear halter or bateau style necklines. You want to use fabrics that hug your body rather than fall off of it. Such a material is silk. While showing off your slender figure, you should make sure the wedding dress has a defined waistline. This will help for a more curvaceous appearance. These body types work well with ball gown style dresses as well as A line. When it comes to accessories, make sure you do not wear any taller headpieces, high heels, etc.

Shorter and Petite

An A line style is an excellent option for a petite frame. It should be noted that the major flaw happens when the hem is not correct. This means it is either too short or too long. Either of the two could leave you looking shorter than you really are. Stick with a V-neckline as well as designs that make V lines down the bodice of the wedding dress. This helps to make your body look taller. Make sure your accessories are not oversized making you look smaller as well. Layered dresses are a good idea as long as they are not very bulky.

As you can see, everybody style has a great way to hide its imperfections. Letís face it, no matter what body type we are, we are always looking to conceal something.

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