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Carpet Tips
Jun 3, 2007, 23:44

A great way to remove hair (pet or human) from carpet is to use one of those cheap slippers with grips underneath. I just put this on my hand and pass it on the carpet.

If you find that you have a static problem in your home/carpeted areas, it generally has to do with the air being dry. It would be a good idea to either get a humidifier, or to boil some water on the stove for a bit to add some moisture to the air. (Wendy S)

Static is caused by dry air and objects or materials that promote static. If your carpet is nylon or contains manmade fibers and your shoe soles have an element of nylon in them then it is quite normal to build up several thousand volts in your body, because this static has nowhere to go when you touch an object that is earthed or has a better earth you discharge all the voltage built up in you in one single spark. Remedies: spray your carpet with a static inhibitor or keep the air moist ) to allow the static charge to leak away gradually instead of these jolts of lightning from your fingertips! You can put a metal container on your radiator filled with water to moisten the air. (Derek B.)

I keep woven rugs from slipping on carpet, by putting shelf liner under my rugs. I use the rubbery kind that has a grip to it. It also works great when you place it on the cushions on your kitchen chairs, they won't slide around anymore and you won't have any more broken ties. (Sheri)

To remove red Kool-Aid stains from a light colored carpet, keep some hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, and spray on the stain immediately after the Kool-Aid is spilled. Place a rag soaked with hot water over the stain for about 1 minute, and then wipe up as much of the stain as possible with the wet rag. Then use a dry rag to wipe up the excess. (I got this tip from my Mother-In-Law) *NOTE: Test in an inconspicuous area first. Hydrogen Peroxide is sort of a bleaching agent. (Donna J)

For carpet indentations, I have heard that if you place a damp rag over the indentation and use an iron it will pull it right back into shape. (Amy)

For carpet indentations, use a fork to puff it back up, and then vacuum over it a few times. (Wendy)

For carpet indentations, place an ice cube on the indentation, it will pop right up! (Joy)

To remove spilled candle wax from carpet, you will need a hot iron and a good quality paper towel. Let the wax dry completely. Lay the paper towel on top of wax and firmly press the hot iron over the paper towel. The wax transfers to the paper towel without a trace of anything on your carpet. I was amazed at this procedure. (Amy)

The best thing for removing stains from carpets, or upholstery is white shaving cream. Spray a bit of shaving cream on the spot, rub this with an old toothbrush (wet) and then dab the spot with a clean, damp cloth to remove the shaving cream. Works like a charm and you'll be amazed at the results! (Patti H)

If you have a pet that has "accidents" in the house, you know those carpet cleaners DO NOT work. I finally found something that works great: Listerine Mouthwash. Wipe up what you can, douse the spot with a liberal dose of Listerine, rub and let it set. The smell of the mouthwash and the pet will go away in a few hours. (T.L. Hanke)

Instead of buying those expensive carpet powders, use baking soda. It helps to eliminate the odors.

To remove coffee stains from carpets, try club soda and salt. First rub the club soda on and then sprinkle with salt. Rinse with a damp sponge.

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