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Tips for Books
Jun 5, 2007, 23:49

When I am reading a book I put a couple of sticky pad sheets ( post it notes ) of paper inside the front cover. Then when I have to stop reading I put the sticky sheet on the page I am reading, with a little bit sticking out. No more bent pages or loosing my page. Great for rented books, no damage done to it. (Cheeba)

To freshen musty books, wrap them in used dryer sheets and place them in a plastic bag for approximately a week. (bettdev)

To remove musty smell on your beloved books, spray on a your favorite fragrance or/and shake talcum/ baby power generously all over the book, place it inside a ziploc bag. Remove after a few hours. or days as desired. (Elyce)

Freshen musty smelling books by sealing them in a bag with kitty litter or baking soda for a week.

Use a photo album as an address book. Add a picture of the family to go with the address of the family.

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