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Tips for making quilts for gifts or your own use
By Mary Ellen Cummings : The Emmitsburg Dispatch
Mar 26, 2005, 22:55

Last month I discussed giving hand made quilts to children, but there were some important tips I did not list. These tips would apply if you are making a quilt for your own use or as a gift to a child or an adult. Quilts made solely for show or contests have their own set of rules.

When making a gift quilt, know the recipient well before selecting design and colors. You might want to consult the older child or an adult before planning. If you are like most quilters I know, they will be surprised when you finally finish the quilt.

An example of a gift quilt fiasco revolved around a lady from Virginia and her sister in Colorado. The Virginian chose a "Double Wedding Ring" pattern--a perfect choice for a new bride. However, the colors chosen were horrible together. The rings were to be made of a bright and overpowering red, peacock blue, orange, yellow, and an odd shade of green! The donor's favorite color was ... Read More

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