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Childrens's Quilts - A gift to last a lifetime
By Mary Ellen Cummings
Sep 22, 2004, 08:27

Every year in the weeks surrounding July Fourth, the United States comes alive with patriotic symbols -- the flag, the eagle, and the colors red, white, and blue. We are all aware of the show of patriotism since 9-11-01, and the world of quilters has been inundated with ways to use red, white and blue in our projects. I am just as patriotic as the next fellow (more than some), but I just can not imagine myself or my home decorated with flag colors. So I'll write about children's quilts as promised.

Most quilters, and some non-quilters, eventually reach the decision to make a "baby" quilt. Of course, emotions dictate that the quilt must be dainty, pastel and of a baby design -- lambs, baby bunnies, puppies, kittens, etc. Preprinted fabric is very popular for such a project. If this is your choice, you can save time and frustration, but still have a great gift for that special baby.

However, some quilters prefer to piece or appliqué their gift quilt -- whether for a baby, toddler or school-age child. Following, you will find a few suggestions for ...
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