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Tips for Mosquitoes
Jun 15, 2007, 00:09

To keep those bugs away simply use skin-so-soft (you can get it from Avon). Put it on your body and place it around your windows, doors, and even dab a little on around your outside light bulb - when the bulb lite is off! It will keep the bugs away from your porch. (Patricia)

Cut a lemon in half. Use whole cloves and cover both the lemon halves. Lay on a plate and place in a room. It will keep the mosquitos away and make the room smell nice. The lemon will work for up to one month! (Veronica Gamper)

It is BAD advice to use malathion for insects, because malathion alike other pesticides cause more damage to non targeted species, including humans, than just the insects it is supposed to destroy.

Wearing light colored clothing while in the out of doors. Personally, I've found that mosquitoes do not bite me when I wear a salmon colored shorts outfit and avoid eating bananas. But that is not the case when I wear shades of blue or other dark colors.

Also, helpful are biological controls, such as Mosquito Dunks (Bti) placed where water stands. Bt israeliensis is highly effective against mosquito larvae and black fly larvae. Bti comes in liquid, granules, and mosquito dunks and can be sprayed, sprinkled, or tied (so they won't float away) into areas where mosquitoes breed. They kill the larvae so it would grow up and breed more mosquitoes. But they also effect black fly and mosquito larvae, unlike manmade chemical pesticides. More Info (Susan Snow)

Use DEET as a repellent and check screens for holes. You can also use mosquito netting over beds. (Wendy)

Ouch, the itch of a mosquito bite! Put some calamine lotion, or baking soda and water paste on the area to soothe that bite. (Becky)

Citrus is a very effective repellent. Everyone will think you smell nice -- except the mosquitoes. (C. Husted)

If you are bothered by mosquitoes when outdoors, try this easy tip... gently rub your arms and legs with a fabric softener dryer sheet. You'll be "cling free" of mosquitoes! (Rhonda W)

Basil planted near the home repels mosquitoes. Also eating garlic repels them.

Prevent and get rid of stagnant water anywhere near your home. These are the places where mosquitoes live and breed.

Burn citronella candles near entrances or picnics to repel gnats and mosquitoes.

Crushed bay leaves or vinegar rubbed on your skin repels gnats and mosquitoes.

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